It’s Fat Tuesday

Good morning Dan!

Well Lent is about to start, am I ready? I hope so, my trip to the Holy Land was life changing. I met some wonderful people who were full of the Holy Spirit, it was infectious. At the beginning we knew nothing about each other and kept to ourselves a little but by the end of the week all we could do is hug and cry.
Why is that do you think? How can people in the span of just 8 days go from strangers to lifelong friends? Give you a hint, God sent it down to the Apostles on Pentecost. The Holy Spirit can do wonders in our life if we allow it to enter us. Why do we not welcome the change in our lives. Are we afraid to let the people around us know we are Christians? Are we afraid to be labeled as “too holy”? I have found that the more I let Christ into my life the easier this life becomes, bad days don’t seem so bad. Lent starts tomorrow. Let’s wear that cross of ashes with pride. “Remember Man that you are dust and unto dust you shall return”


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