Ash Wednesday 

Hello World, it’s Ash Wednesday, for as long as I can remember I have had a cross of ashes placed on my forehead on this day. As a child Mom would haul us to church, I remember crying, “But mom it’s not Sunday, why do I have to go to Church.” Then we would leave Church with a cross of ashes on our forehead with instructions not to wipe it off. If I got dirt or grease on my head like that it was time to get out a scub brush but not in this case. We would go to public school and someone would ask “What’s on your forehead?” I would mumble ashes somewhat uncomfortably and change the subject real quickly. How many adults either don’t go to receive this blessing or as soon as they leave the Church use their car mirror and hanky to wipe them off because they are timid to share their faith and beliefs in public. Regardless of what faith you are there is a single reality that we all share and it is recited as the ashes are applied. “Remember man that you are dust and to dust you shall return”. Ash Wednesday kicks off our Lent season every year, it is there to remind us that Christ Jesus spent 40 days fasting preparing to deliver his life for our salvation. Are you ready to spend Lent preparing yourself to celebrate Easter Sunday. Christ died for us and withstood huge humiliation, can you spend a day at work sharing your faith by leaving the ash cross on your forehead? 


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