Fish anyone?

Good Morning World!
The first Friday of Lent, Fried Fish, Cole Slaw, Baked Potatoes, my mouth is watering already. Doesn’t it seem odd that Fridays of Lent bring thoughts of Fish Fry’s with lot’s of good food and fellowship to so many people and yet what we are really commemorating is the fasting our Lord Jesus Christ did for 40 days and nights by himself in the desert (Except of Course when the Devil was tempting him). Yet in our world around us we have so many people looking for food and help, or maybe even someone to spend a little time visiting. How much joy could we bring someone in a nursing home that has no one around to visit them? See a person holding a sign along the road, pull into a fast food location buy a meal then give it to them? I am just as guilty as everyone else but maybe I can teach myself to care just a little bit more, show a little more compassion, Christ told us that, “As long as you did it for the least of my children you did it for me”. I guess it is time to wake up and pay attention, I will try, will you?


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