Blind Eyes and Deaf Ears

In today’s readings we are taught about some of the biggest issues we have as humans, blind eyes and deaf ears. Not in the actual sense but more in the spiritual sense. We are always praying to God asking for help and guidance only to shut ourselves off and not be able to hear or see God’s response because of all the “noise” around us. God is not going to come down and sit at our kitchen table to have conversation with us like our family does, we see but do not see, we hear but do not hear.

In the First Reading we hear about the City of Nineveh, the people there worshiped pagan gods and not the true God but when Jonah was sent there to warn them that in 40 days their city and them within the city would be destroyed. (Hmmm 40 days again, seems we have a reoccurring message there somewhere…)The people including their king “listened and repented” and God had mercy on them.

Christ came into this world but did the world see him? John the Baptist even foretold of his coming, Jesus did wonderful signs, healing the sick, raising the dead, making the blind see. He taught beautiful lessons to mankind but did people learn form him. Most in his day thought him crazy or worse. The Chief Priests and Scribes let jealousy get in the way of seeing and hearing him, they thought, “Why would this Jesus live and work with sinners if he were from God? He should be here with us they thought”. And for that they crucified him but just as God had mercy for Nineveh what did Christ say while up on the cross? “Father forgive them for they know not what the do”.

Look at life around us today, do we listen to God’s message? How much do worldly needs and values take up our time vs. acting in a way that serves God?
Sex, greed, strive for personal satisfaction seem to have taken over haven’t they? How hard is it to find a movie you can go to without having even 10 minutes of gratuitous sex or outrageous violence added in it? And that scene had no real bearing on the story did it? It seems that producers feel the need to throw those scenes in there or they are afraid no one will want to watch the movie. Walk down the street do we see those in need? Do we recognize love and beauty when we see it? I am NOT talking sex appeal when I say beauty, I am talking about inner beauty, caring and compassionate, I am talking about someone doing a good deed for a stranger, wishing a stranger a good day, better yet instead of saying, “Have a good day” why not say, “Have a blessed day”.

How do we get there? We need to rid ourselves of “Blind Eyes and Deaf Ears” Ask God for help to get there but understand that God talks to us in silence, but how do we find silence in a world with so much of this “secular world noise”. Find a quiet place for daily prayer, stop by your Church and sit in silence before the Blessed Sacrament. God is there waiting for you.


God Bless you and have a Blessed Day!


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