Do we ask for the right stuff

In today’s readings we hear about people asking God for help. Queen Esther was asking for God’s help because she feared for her life and the life of her people. God answered her prayers and protected her and her people.


Jesus tells his disciples, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened for you”. Do we listen and believe? Are we like Peter when Christ invited him to step out onto the water and walk on it with him? He was fine for the first step then “his reality” vs. “God’s reality” took over and he began to sink.

How many people are asking God for help? This got me to thinking about the movie Steve Carrell was in, “Evan Almighty”. Remember when God put him in charge for a while, remember all the prayer requests he got, all the yellow sticky notes everywhere, he could not keep up! He finally just told the “Almighty Computer” to grant all requests. Then everything fell apart in the world. What if God really did that, we would be in a living nightmare.

How many of us have asked God to let our team win a game, or to help us in some of the most trivial things we live through. I admit that I have asked for these same little things as well, but sometimes we pray for very important things in our lives. A healing, help for a troubled child, help to find a new or better job. Because we can only see the here and now we assume that what we ask for is really needed. We need to understand and remember that God knows all, what has been, what is, AND what will be. When we pray to God asking for something we need to understand that God may have a different plan for us. Maybe he wants us to stay with our current job because down the road it will lead to better things, we do not know that but he does. Sometimes the death of a loved one is hard to understand for us but God has a larger vision than we do. How many people have come back to God when faced with problems and as a result their life changes forever.

When we were small children didn’t our parents hate to take us shopping because we were always asking them to buy something for us. How many of us begged mom to buy that different cereal because we want that prize in the box. We may have gotten the prize but the cereal tasted horrible and we would not eat it. Next time mom would say NO.

We / I  need to try to separate the wants from the needs when asking for God’s help. Understand that what we think we need may not be what we really need. We need to trust in God’s plan. And maybe once in a while pray for someone else’s needs instead of our own.

If we are truly in need and ask for God’s help,  which Peter will we be? Will we trust God and leave it all in his hands regardless of the outcome? Or if we don’t get the answer we wanted will we begin to sink in the water?

God Bless all!




One thought on “Do we ask for the right stuff

  1. Great perspective, Dan. I was also struck by Esther, especially as we look back at the readings last Wednesday. The phrase from Esther that always stuck with me was “for such a time as this.” Last week, it was “now is the appropriate time.” For me, this always points to discernment and to the timing issue you speak of, which we cannot always understand. Esther didn’t just go bopping up to the King to ask him for a quick favor but spent days in fasting and preparation before she approached, with great humility. Is this how we approach our request to God? I agree, sometimes, we need to take a step back from our asks and really think about whether now is the appropriate time.

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