Today’s readings spoke to me about the dangers of writing this blog, I write this to share my feelings from the daily readings, to share, NOT to teach. I am not a biblical scholar, I do not have years of theological study. I read the daily readings, meditate on them, and let the Spirit guide me. If my thoughts touch you I am humbled, just remember that I am as prone to being misguided as anyone else. 

I am inspired by what others write too. And that is what is special about writing a blog, we can share our feelings and let others know that they are not alone in their love of God. He touches many of us. This blog has helped keep my spirit of love for God alive since my return from the Holy Land. The 90 plus pilgrims on that trip help me keep that spirit alive every day. We share thoughts through social media that we understand because of that love for that special place on earth we call the Holy Land, and for our Lord Jesus Christ who lived, walked, and started his ministry there.

 The gift he gave us surpasses any other gift we could receive in this life. He gave us his life as ransom to forgive our sins. Christ tells me that he understands when I fail, he picks me up and sets me back on the right path. For that I am eternally thankful. Christ is my Teacher, my Master, my Savior. I am humbled to be called his child and I pray that I can quit falling and can become a worthy servant for him. 

And so if what I write touches anyone do not give me the praise, I am but a humble servant trying to serve my Lord and Master in any way I can.

God Bless


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