Do we know what we are asking for?

Today we hear about the mother of James and John asking our Lord to place her sons on his right and left. In other words making them second in command. How many times do we ask our Lord for his favor in matters that we have no business asking for? In today’s world it seems that humility is a sign of weakness that no one wants to be associated with. Can you imagine a world leader that acts with humility to his people?

Oh wait we have one, Pope Francis, as an example of his leadership remember what his first act as our new Vicar of Christ was? He asked us to pray for HIM! What humility, what humanity, what a GREAT EXAMPLE for all of us! How different would our world be if humility was a qualifier to become the leader of a nation.

Humility is a tough trait to embrace, it takes time, trust, and love. It can be destroyed much faster than it can be created. I think to be humble takes everything in our soul to achieve and maintain, mainly because if we are humble we are always under attack and the temptation to strike back losing your humility is so great. Once lost it takes a long time to gain it back because those around us question our humility based on our past history.

Lord keep me humble


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