Reading today’s scriptures got me to thinking about how much we try to hide the mistakes of our past. Or try to change our past by changing our story. The first reading Genesis 37: 3-4, 12-13, 17-28 we hear the story of how Joseph ended up in Egypt. His brother jealous of their father’s love for his youngest son were tempted to kill him but instead sell him to slavery. We know from future readings that if not for Joseph’s talent and building trust with Pharaoh all his family would die during the great famine, but that is another story.   They go home after selling their brother and tell their father they do not know where Joseph is. They try to conceal their bad deed to hide their guilt. They have their “skeleton”

In Mathew’s Gospel 21:33-43 , 45-46 we hear a parable about a landowner who builds vineyards then hires tenants to tend his crop, but when harvest time comes they kill the landlord’s servants and even his son when they try to come and collect the wine. We are not told why they did this, maybe it is because they did not tend the land properly and thus they tried to hide the fact that their was no harvest. We only know that his current tenants are not being open with the landowner and are rejecting all who come in his name. This is their “skeleton”.

Am I like these situations in my spiritual life, is this something that many of us do? We hear the words of God on Sunday but forget them on Monday, especially when we are young, we think I don’t have time for that stuff now, I need to have fun while I can? So much of life to live. My mind is made up don’t confuse me with the facts. Many of our younger generations go off to college and quit even reading God’s message at all. We have our “own worldly” reality based on “higher education”. Are we much different that the chief Priests and Scribes? Saying our reality is true and this other group that follows some book are crazy! This is our “skeleton”.

The term “skeleton” is very alive in politics. How many of these folks running for office have either said something years ago that is not convenient to the career now or even done something in the past they would like to hide form public knowledge.

Doing these things is most times against God’s will for us. I have many “skeletons” that I am ashamed of and regret. When  I do these things I am rejecting God’s plan for me. Fortunately for all of us, we have a loving and merciful God. He does not hold our “Skeletons” against us, if we ask for his forgiveness these problems from our past are wiped away and forgotten forever. God built his church on earth with humans who made mistakes. Just like me they had times where their faith wavered. They learned from their mistakes, asked God for forgiveness, and started anew. We all have the same chance, At one point in my life I went several years before I had the courage to ask for God’s forgiveness, God never gives up, one day when I did not suspect it he reached out to me and called me back. As long as we are alive walking this earth we can reach out to God and ask for help, ask for forgiveness. Let the secular world that is full of empty promises, instant gratification, and low self esteem reject you and come back to God’s plan of mercy, forgiveness, and brotherhood.


Become what Jesus described today, the stone that the builder (Secular World) rejected, become the cornerstone in your community that others see and look to as an example of what God wants us to be. We are called to evangelize, that does not mean standing on a corner holding a bible shouting at the crowds. It is by living a life according to God’s commandments, taking the time to be a good neighbor, caring for those who are suffering. By living in this way we inspire others to join us, by living this way we share God’s plan for us. We evangelize by example in a way that leaves a much more lasting imprint on others rather than words alone.

God, please help me to shed these Skeletons, help me to turn my life to you, help me let go of my secular world. I cannot do this alone, I need you with me.



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