God’s gifts, precious in our eyes

God continually gives us special gifts, throughout time God has shown his love for us. He delivered Israel from the slavery of Egypt, he lead his people to the promised land, and for our salvation he gave us his Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

He also gives each of us special gifts throughout our lives, special birthdays, answers for special requests in times of stress or want. We have a loving God don’t we? How many times have we been worried about something and asked for God’s help? We may not have received exactly what we asked for, but in the end we received what we needed in his infinite wisdom. Best of all is the promise of eternal life earned through Christ Jesus. I was reminded of God’s love last night, we have a new member of the family through God’s love, a new grandson.

Through the gift of this child to our family we see and experience what God wants for us. Pure and perfect love. This child after baptism will have a soul as perfect as any of us could ever experience, and one we strive to have and keep. This brings to mind another gift we have received this year, from God through our Holy Father Pope Francis. Before my trip to the  Holy Land this year I visited a Holy Door to experience this gift.The priest explained to me that fulfilling the obligations required would leave my soul as pure and white as it was the day I was baptized. In this year of Mercy through November 16th, if we take advantage of one of the many Holy Doors in our Diocese around the world we too can regain that pure and perfect soul the day we experienced baptism. What a wonderful gift this is, Christ died for us for the forgiveness of our sins and through the gift of this full indulgence, God gives us a chance to start our life over, put our mistakes behind us, put Christ first in our life instead of the secular world. How many times have we asked for a chance to redo something in our lives? Here is your chance for the ultimate rebirth. If you follow the steps required you not only are forgiven of our sins but also of all temporal punishment. Now that is a gift.

God wants us to be with him in Heaven, he wants us to share with him the ultimate love he has for us. If you have been away from the Church, away from the gift of Reconciliation, or just not happy with your past and are redicating your life to God here is your chance. Put behind your guilt, your shame, your insecurities, your pride, or whatever is holding you back. Christ is calling.

In the words of Pope Francis:


Enjoy God’s gifts to the fullest!

God Bless!


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