God renews the face of the Earth

God renews the face of the Earth, how many times have I heard that but did not really pay attention to it? And yet as my chosen vocation as an agronomist every year I plant crops trying to find ways to help farmers be more productive and better stewards of our environment I am an active participant in God’s plan.image

I planted another corn crop this week. Last night we received a nice rain and I came to this thought while looking at the field. What a marvelous world God gave us, the magic of watching a seed grow into a 8 foot tall plant and reproduce 500 to 800 seeds. I also was able to enjoy that magic 2 weeks ago when I was able to hold my newborn grandson, what a loving father  we have in God. God is love, shared and held, love is the ultimate gift.

I was talking to a friend on Easter Sunday when I made the comment that Love rose from the dead with Christ our Lord. Just as Christ defeated death by rising from the tomb, love rose with him to defeat death as well. Think about it,. even if a loved one dies, your love for that person does not diminish. I consider this God’s secondary gift to us. He promises us everlasting life and to help us cherish it even more he gives us everlasting love, but most importantly that love is meant to be shared with those around us. Even the least of those around us. I am guilty of not following this rule, rather than walk past a beggar and talk to them I have been known to cross the street. Not very Christian like is it, I am working on that now. I used to wonder are they really hard up or is it a scam. I guess I will be taken advantage of once in a while but I would rather do that than face Christ some day and he ask me about some day I ignored that person asking for help. So it is up to us to renew the face of the earth also, we renew it with love.

God bless everyone!




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