Love, it’s a wonderful thing

The past 7 days have been filled with highs and lows but what they have in common is love. Last weekend my bride made a Cursillo weekend. In 36 years of marraige there have only been 2 times we have not started and ended each day with a hug and an  “I love you”. The first time was when I made my Cursillo, the second was this weekend when she made her’s. While she learned more about her life in God’s plan, I learned more about my love for her. I spent 19 hours in the Chapel above the room she was in over a 3 day period, within 30′ of her yet we could not see, talk, or touch each other. I was extremely hard. Imagine being on a train and you are going on a trip with someone who you love beyond anything in the world but you have to stay in your seat 2 cars away from that person. You hear stories by folks that are allowed to move around but they are vague and few. What a humbling experience, how would I be able to live my life without her forever let alone for 3 days. That night when the weekend was over and we had returned home we talked laughed and cried for 3 hours doing nothing but holding each other. I learned over the weekend just how much I loved Debbie.

At one point over the weekend participants were told people had been in the chapel the entires 72 hour weekend but not told who. She told her table mates  that she knew I was up there in the Chapel a lot over the weekend. One of the leaders in the group asked her if she saw me or my vehicle, she replied no. When the weekend was over one of the leaders, the one who sat at Deb’s table, came up to the pair of us and smiled and stated that we where very lucky because she could see not only how God is alive in our lives but love we share for each other is as well. She had seen me in the Chapel often as before a speaker presents her talk they come to the chapel and the team prays for her and thus she also knew when I was there. She mentioned that for Deb to instinctively know I was there for her was a sign of great love. I thanked her but stated that I was there more to pray that Debbie would have a powerful spiritual weekend and an awakening of her love for Christ. Debbie said the most humbling part of the weekend was knowing how many people worked to make sure they had a great weekend.A large amount of love from strangers is not something you normally see. For me  to to see so many people in the Prayer Chapel 24 hours a day, folks getting up and leaving their home at 2:00 in the morning to pray in the Prayer Chapel from 3 to 4 in the morning, what kind of love is that and how much more do we need to see that in the world.

3 days later I was in the hospital for lower back surgery, it was a tough surgery with quite a bit of pain, I am still in quite a bit of pain so if you see mistakes in this blog you know why, it’s either drugs or pain affecting me. The outpouring of love and goodwill from friends and family members was incredible, especially form my newest family members, the men and women from the pilgramage to the Holy Land. These beautiful men and women of Christ are very special in my life now. If I feel my faith wavering any at all I just open our social media page and I am overwhelmed with the love of God. In my life these folks are my walking saints sent by God to stay on the path to heaven. I can share my sorrows, pain, anger or anything else and they life me up with their love.

It is just as we were told when trying to make our way to heaven:

Faith, Hope, and Love but the Greatest of these is Love.


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