Lord make me a humble servant

How many times have you done something in your community to help someone else? Maybe you saw a need and set about to find a way to help, maybe you are a great organizer and you can quickly get things started and others quickly join you. I have really tried to work on humility lately.  I used to try to find a way to shine but now I want to stay in the shadows. The only problem is once you are know as a good organizer people try to grab you and get you to lead. People go to you for ideas and answers which was fine before I used to live on showing off or being the guys everyone looked for.

It is extremely hard to lead from the fences, try as you might those around you were great followers but lack what it takes to lead. None of this sounds like the title this week does it. How can I be a loving servant and maintain my humility, or better yet how does a Type A personality become a humble person. This is a struggle I fight every day. I am told to be a good servant of the Lord you must be a servant to all. You must be “humble”, nothing I have described seems humble to me. I have been trying to line up a mini pilgrimage for our parish to visit a Holy Door in this year of Mercy. I got the idea from the Pilgrimage to the Holy land my wife and I went on. I felt I could be a humble servant of our parish and do the leg work. I talked to the Pastor at the Church we would go to, got pricing on a Charter Bus, put the timetable together. I thought most of the work is done now I can just step back into the shadows and let someone else take care of the easy stuff and finish it that way they can get the attention, they can get the praise and I can remain a humble servant to all. Well nothing happened, time rolled on and it got to the point I had to grease the wheels and start pushing the cart. And here I am out in front again drawing attention to myself because, “Dan kept this thing on track!” No chance for humility here. I can not win. But wait, is my feeling sorry for myself drawing even more attention to myself? Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble, please help me!

This is where God comes into play I hope and believe. He alone knows if you wish to be humble. If God knows you only did this for others to be able to experience even in a small way, the joy you did on a pilgrimage is that so wrong? I did not do it to be glorified, I did this work for others, not me. If you offer to take charge and finish a project so that it gets done rather than see it fail can that not be humble? You only acted as a faithful servant. Maybe I am beating myself up too much, maybe not? Did I write this blog to draw attention to myself? Or just maybe to help someone else struggling to remain humble and still be a servant to many, I will let you decide, but for my sake, try to give me the benefit of the doubt, I just want to be a servant for our Lord and let him use the tools he gave me to the best of my ability.

Brother let me be your servant

Let me be as Christ to you

Pray that I may have the grace to

Let you be my servant too


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