Humility Needed

Many times I am approached about attending a seminar, joining a group, or attend an event in order to deepen my faith only to decide: I don’t have the time to commit to this right now It does not interest me at this time I don’t think I am ready for this I don’t need … More Humility Needed

Seeing Jesus

Originally posted on Amy Schisler:
Every time I have tried to write this post, I have been brought to a standstill. I intended to write on the meaning of Christmas, but I can’t seem to move past the events taking place in my family. Several days ago, radio host, Gus Lloyd, posed the question, if…

The Awakening

It has been a while since I made an entry, life has been busy but that is a poor excuse. I just did not make time in my life. It is time for an awakening! There are many types of awakening but tonight I am focused on just 1, how do I view myself and those … More The Awakening